Faces of ACOF

The Faces of our Community


Frank joined the ACOF community in 2006 and currently resides in the Westlake community of Los Angeles.

Frank was raised in a safe and modest home, but at the very young age of 16, his father passed away from a heart attack. His Father’s unexpected passing forced him to take over the family business and step up as the caretaker for his family. Years later he suffered two brain aneurisms and fell into a deep coma for several months, which required him to undergo thorough rehabilitation to teach him basic functions such as how to speak and walk. His recovery took nearly five years and extensive visits to the hospital for rehabilitation. Frank attempted to reclaim his life, but by that time he had fallen into a disastrous financial situation and found himself homeless. Frank states “I tried to put the pieces back together, but it was too late. I was left with nothing. I had no place to go.” His life changed completely and Frank found himself with the reality that his life as he knew it was no longer there.

After experiencing homelessness for three years, he was contacted by A Community of Friends. Frank states, “my prayers were answered and I finally got a roof over my head, I received permanent supportive housing!” Receiving keys to his new home was life-changing for him, “I was speechless, it was the most humbling moment of my life. My newfound home surrounds me in warmth and comfort, it was an opportunity I would have never experienced without permanent supportive housing. Now I have a chance to thrive, I am happier and healthier since I now have a peaceful, safe, stable, and comfortable environment to call my home. Now that I have permanent supportive housing, the quality of my life instantly improved.”
Frank is now extremely involved with various causes and organizations and continually advocates for the end of homelessness through permanent supportive housing. As a member of ACOF’s Tenant Advisory Council, Frank provides not only his personal experience with homelessness but his dedication and commitment to the mission and values of ACOF.


Dwan joined the ACOF community in August 2020 and currently resides in Sun Valley, CA. After experiencing a drastic fall-out with her family and domestic abuse, Dwan found herself homeless, living in a densely populated encampment.

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Margaret (Lisa)

Margaret (Lisa) joined ACOF in May 2014 and currently resides in Hollywood. Lisa moved away from her home in Hawaii, leaving behind her family and friends who up to that point, served as her support system. After moving from Hawaii, Lisa became homeless as she developed a drug addiction and mental health condition. Continue reading “Margaret (Lisa)”


Beverly joined the ACOF community in 2006 and currently resides in the City of Los Angeles. After suffering from humiliation, fear, and hopelessness, she was able to find a home and community within ACOF. Continue reading “Beverly”


Bridgette is a tenant in one of ACOF’s communities in Los Angeles with her two daughters. Bridget became pregnant at an early age and in order to sustain her and her children, she had to leave her education to focus on her family. Continue reading “Bridgette”


Myron Jackson joined ACOF in 2017 and now lives in ACOF’s Silver Star Apartments, the first Zero Net Energy (ZNE) multi-family, affordable housing project in South Los Angeles which houses Veterans. Continue reading “Myron”


Angelo Rodriguez has been a part of the ACOF community since 2016. Prior to joining ACOF, Angelo had been marginalized due to his past years of incarceration. Continue reading “Angelo”


Janeen Berg-Johnson has been part of the ACOFcommunity since April 1999. And although she now lives a stable life living in a place that she can call home, her life prior to ACOFhas been anything but ordinary.

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John Freeman will be celebrating three years as a resident of the ACOF community in April of 2020. This is the longest span of adult housing that John has received.

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Diamante Johnson has been part of the ACOF community since October 2018. Diamante proves that being born in jail does not prevent anyone from becoming an outstanding member of society.

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Changing the Trajectory

Jasmine01By Jasmine Roman — Throughout my life, I have always been in motion – from place to place, from apartment to apartment, from shelter to shelter, to finally a decent home where I currently live. In order for me to survive, I had to get used to letting go of the past and adapting to the “now.”

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DemeliaDemeiia left her suburban Chicago hometown of Evanston, IL for Los Angeles at 23 because she needed to change her life. Her story weaves through many pockets of our sprawling city – from Eagle Rock to North Hollywood to South Los Angeles and finally, The Jungle*  – where she knew she would die.

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Caroline Havens

Caroline Havens was born in Nebraska and moved to the Los Angeles area many years ago. In July 1997, Ms. Havens became homeless when she lost her job due to an illness. She tried applying for unemployment, but was rejected because of her health issue. Unable to work a full day, she tried to apply for General Relief but was informed that she had to apply for unemployment.

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Daniel Rivera

DanielRiveraDaniel Rivera left home when he was 18 and has been in and out of homelessness his entire life, spending time in Los Angeles, Miami and Orlando. Looking back, Mr. Rivera realized that his symptoms of mental illness first surfaced in high school and continued into college. He was depressed, developed social anxiety and was withdrawn.

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Eddie Wormley

EddieWormleyEddie Wormley, a lifelong Angeleno, was raised in West Los Angeles by a single mother who was an alcoholic. He became involved with drugs and the “street life” early – use of marijuana easily escalated into abuse of other drugs. In and out of juvenile hall, he eventually joined the Marines but continued his addiction.

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John Chavis

JohnChavisAs a child, John Chavis was subject to emotional and physical abuse by his family. This abuse paved the way for a life filled with depression and low self-esteem. The two things that kept him going were a love of writing and a love of art. It was his love of art that provided relief through his troubling road to recovery.

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