Faces of ACOF

The Faces of our Community

Alvin Williams

Alvin Williams has been a resident of the ACOF community for nearly 20 years.
In his time with ACOF, Alvin has been able to develop a strong bond with his Case Manager and other residents in his community. Although it has taken him some time, Alvin has come out of his shell in recent years and does not go a day without greeting his Case Manager.

John Freeman

John Freeman will be celebrating three years as a resident of the ACOF community in April of 2020. This is the longest span of adult housing that John has received. Prior to joining ACOF, John lived on the streets and parks of Los Angeles for almost 15 years before finding a permanent home and community with ACOF.

Changing the Trajectory

Jasmine01By Jasmine Roman — Throughout my life, I have always been in motion – from place to place, from apartment to apartment, from shelter to shelter, to finally a decent home where I currently live. In order for me to survive, I had to get used to letting go of the past and adapting to the “now.”

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DemeliaDemeiia left her suburban Chicago hometown of Evanston, IL for Los Angeles at 23 because she needed to change her life. Her story weaves through many pockets of our sprawling city – from Eagle Rock to North Hollywood to South Los Angeles and finally, The Jungle*  – where she knew she would die.

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Caroline Havens

Caroline Havens was born in Nebraska and moved to the Los Angeles area many years ago. In July 1997, Ms. Havens became homeless when she lost her job due to an illness. She tried applying for unemployment, but was rejected because of her health issue. Unable to work a full day, she tried to apply for General Relief but was informed that she had to apply for unemployment.

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Daniel Rivera

DanielRiveraDaniel Rivera left home when he was 18 and has been in and out of homelessness his entire life, spending time in Los Angeles, Miami and Orlando. Looking back, Mr. Rivera realized that his symptoms of mental illness first surfaced in high school and continued into college. He was depressed, developed social anxiety and was withdrawn.

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Eddie Wormley

EddieWormleyEddie Wormley, a lifelong Angeleno, was raised in West Los Angeles by a single mother who was an alcoholic. He became involved with drugs and the “street life” early – use of marijuana easily escalated into abuse of other drugs. In and out of juvenile hall, he eventually joined the Marines but continued his addiction.

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John Chavis

JohnChavisAs a child, John Chavis was subject to emotional and physical abuse by his family. This abuse paved the way for a life filled with depression and low self-esteem. The two things that kept him going were a love of writing and a love of art. It was his love of art that provided relief through his troubling road to recovery.

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