Frank joined the ACOF community in 2006 and currently resides in the Westlake community of Los Angeles. After experiencing the passing of his father and health disparities, he found himself homeless.
Frank was raised in a safe and modest home, but at the very young age of 16, his father passed away from a heart attack. His Father’s unexpected passing forced him to take over the family business and step up as the caretaker for his family. Years later he suffered two brain aneurisms and fell into a deep coma for several months, which required him to undergo thorough rehabilitation to teach him basic functions such as how to speak and walk. His recovery took nearly five years and extensive visits to the hospital for rehabilitation. Frank attempted to reclaim his life, but by that time he had fallen into a disastrous financial situation and found himself homeless. Frank states “I tried to put the pieces back together, but it was too late. I was left with nothing. I had no place to go.” His life changed completely and Frank found himself with the reality that his life as he knew it was no longer there.

After experiencing homelessness for three years, he was contacted by A Community of Friends. Frank states, “my prayers were answered and I finally got a roof over my head, I received permanent supportive housing!” Receiving keys to his new home was life-changing for him, “I was speechless, it was the most humbling moment of my life. My newfound home surrounds me in warmth and comfort, it was an opportunity I would have never experienced without permanent supportive housing. Now I have a chance to thrive, I am happier and healthier since I now have a peaceful, safe, stable, and comfortable environment to call my home. Now that I have permanent supportive housing, the quality of my life instantly improved.”
Frank is now extremely involved with various causes and organizations and continually advocates for the end of homelessness through permanent supportive housing. As a member of ACOF’s Tenant Advisory Council, Frank provides not only his personal experience with homelessness but his dedication and commitment to the mission and values of ACOF.