About ACOF

ACOF was the first agency to successfully implement the permanent supportive housing model throughout LA County. We are one of only a handful of agencies that offer supportive and service-enriched affordable housing for homeless individuals and families living with mental illness in Los Angeles County.

Our focus is to build housing for people who have less than 30% of area median income (AMI) and have a mental, physical, or developmental disability with a primary focus on AMI. We work to provide people with special needs safe and affordable homes that allow them to focus on their mental and physical health.

At a glance, ACOF currently houses over 2,700 individuals and families in our buildings:
•  Approximately 99% of ACOF’s special needs tenants have a mental health, substance abuse, or a physical disability
•  Of those tenants, over 95%  have remained housed after one year with another 69% housed after three years.

To ensure that tenants stay housed and gain self-sufficiency, ACOF provides services either through our own staff or through collaborations with other agencies. Some of these services include medication monitoring and management; health services; counseling and goal support; substance abuse recovery; and independent living skills.