Mission Statement

A Community of Friends’ mission is to end homelessness through the provision of quality permanent supportive housing for people with mental illness.

We Are About Community

A Community of Friends is committed to managing its buildings and supporting its tenants from the moment a project is conceived until it is fully occupied, providing permanent affordable housing with onsite supportive services to help our tenants remain stably housed.

Project Development

Comprehensive experience with identifying and acquiring sites, determining financial feasibility, securing financing for all aspects of development (acquisition, predevelopment, and construction), and project management.

Property and Asset Management

Strong management of ACOF properties including overseeing property management services at all ACOF buildings., managing operating budgets, overseeing property regulatory compliance and all lender and investor requirements.

Supportive Services

Wide-ranging on site support services including individual case management, referral services, life skills classes, substance abuse recovery assistance, family support and programming, childcare assistance, transportation assistance, and employment services.

A Community of Friends
is a Charitable Organization

DIGNITY • All people deserve respect and a home, regardless of circumstance.
EXCELLENCE • We are personally and organizationally committed to providing quality housing and services.
COMMUNITY • Our projects and services promote sustainability and serve as a foundation for stability, health and wellbeing.
EQUITY • We are committed to advancing equal opportunity and access in our work.

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NeighborWorks America

A Community of Friends undertook a rigorous 18-month selection process to become a NeighborWorks America chartered member. With only 21 members in California (and less than 250 nationwide), NeighborWorks America provides training, services and other resources to its members to make substantial impact and drive change at the local level for individuals, families and communities. (Click here to read more about NeighborWorks America and ACOF.)

Living Building Challenge, LEED® Certification and NetZERO

The mission of A Community of Friends includes the intent to build quality permanent supportive housing for our tenants. As part of our desire to build communities that best support our tenants’ needs, ACOF also strives to build environmentally-efficient, sustainable communities that best support our planet. The Living Building Challenge, LEED® Certification, and NetZero are green building programs that recognize best-in-class sustainable building strategies and practices. These programs are an integral part of ACOF’s housing development strategy.

Tenant Development

A Community of Friends encourages tenants to improve body, mind and spirit as they work towards housing stability and self-sufficiency. Activities include healthy meal preparation, energizing exercise, creative expression and more.

Tenant Advisory Council

The Tenant Advisory Council (TAC), founded in 2013, continues to be a pillar of support and engagement for our tenants, advocating for essential programs and initiatives within ACOF and broader governmental platforms. With representatives from all corners of ACOF’s housing developments, the TAC has been a beacon of leadership and a vital source of insights for our management team. Their achievements include organizing enriching community events, conducting extensive Tenant Surveys, and actively participating in advocacy that drives us closer to ending homelessness.