NeighborworksAmericaBlackA Community of Friends undertook a rigorous 18-month selection process to become a NeighborWorks America chartered member. With only 21 members in California (and less than 250 nationwide), NeighborWorks America provides training, services and other resources to its members to make substantial impact and drive change at the local level for individuals, families and communities

In addition to significant support to the organization, the Neighborworks America program encourages tenant engagement within their local community.

ParamountVendomeCleanup-300x278Beginning in June 2015, A Community of Friends began participation in NeighborWorks Week along with its network of local organizations to mobilize tens of thousands of tenants, volunteers and neighbors nationwide in a week of neighborhood change and awareness. During this past year, A Community of Friends conducted neighborhood clean-ups, green gardening at some of our properties and other related events. Tenants from each of our properties select an area of interest with Services Staff and plan for its implementation.