Kevin joined the ACOF community in 2020 and currently resides in the Sun Valley community of Los Angeles. After feeling defeated and losing faith in getting out of homelessness, he found his forever home within ACOF.

Kevin became homeless after losing his job and not having a support system for him to rely on. “While homeless, I have experienced a lot of shame. I was dirty, hungry, and always felt in danger. On top of shame, I was angry. I was angry because I did not trust this system. It let me down numerous times and I felt defeated.”

Eventually, Kevin decided to seek help and was introduced to ACOF and was offered a permanent supportive home. Although hesitant at first to trust ACOF, he decided to take a leap of faith stating, “everything changed when my ‘case manager’ told me that I was almost at the finish line. ACOF took care of everything, I was shocked about how simple the process was to finally have a home.”

Now that Kevin is a part of the ACOF community, he states that “my life feels restored. I finally have my own room, my own kitchen, and my own bathroom. It still feels surreal, but I have my own key to my own home.” Kevin is very appreciative of having a place to call home where he can lead his life in peace in the comfort of his own home.