Myron Jackson joined ACOF in 2017 and now lives in ACOF’s Silver Star Apartments, the first Zero Net Energy (ZNE) multi-family, affordable housing project in South Los Angeles which houses Veterans. Myron served in the military for (time) and after experiencing the passing of his wife and daughter, he underwent depression and drug addiction leading him to homelessness. After suffering from a heart attack, while still homeless, Myron realized that a change in his life was necessary and sought help to regain his life. Myron was introduced to ACOF and was provided with a permanent supportive home alongside a community of people willing to help and support him. In November of 2017, Myron reconnected with his son in who has since become an advocate for the homeless.

Myron states, “God is good, all of the time not just some of the time, I am so grateful he is in my life. God put my son back into my life, he has been such a blessing to me. Being homeless, is very serious, it is a disease that threatens to take over the life of every American. I do not wish this experience onto anyone, especially veterans and civilians. I am so thankful for my son and his involvement in various programs to help combat homelessness. I am so grateful for the many homeless programs that are available, and I pray that more are created. My prayers go out to anyone homeless, I am truly grateful to all the staff here at Silver Star who are helping all of us regain our lives. I hope this shows how much I appreciate my son, ACOF staff, and everyone else who is willing to help.” Please donate today and help us continue to provide permanent supportive housing to people most in need like Myron.