Angelo Rodriguez has been a part of the ACOF community since 2016. Prior to joining ACOF, Angelo had been marginalized due to his past years of incarceration. Angelo struggled to incorporate himself back into society stating, “people getting out of prison, like me, have no place to go…so we have to go back to what we know, the streets.” Losing contact with his family left him without any emotional support, resulting in a cycle of gang affiliation. Angelo has struggled with a medical disability for many years which has impaired his ability to walk and perform simple daily tasks.

Since his time with ACOF, he has met all his medical appointments, regardless of any physical pain or impairments and has been on a speedy recovery. Angelo has received a variety of services and support including, one-on-one wound care within his apartment, a wheelchair, walker, in-home support services and transportation. Angelo is extremely grateful not only for the services and items he has received, but also the case managers who have worked with him since joining ACOF stating, “I never knew help existed until I asked for it.”