Bridgette is a tenant in one of ACOF’s communities in Los Angeles with her two daughters. Bridget became pregnant at an early age and in order to sustain her and her children, she had to leave her education to focus on her family.

Bridgette lost custody of her children who were then placed under the custody of her then domestic partner. Bridgette notes that her then domestic partner was violent and did not properly care for their children. Bridgette began to attend mandated parenting classes and went back to school and earned her High School diploma in 2015In 2017 Bridgette found a new home with ACOF and began rebuilding her life. Unfortunately, after the death of her son due to abuse and neglect by his father, Bridgette was granted full custody of her children in 2019.  

“Being a single mother in a life full of uncertainty and unchangeable tragedies has been extremely tough, which is why I am most grateful for the support of ACOF’s case managers. When situations begin to feel overwhelming for me, I feel comfortable enough to express myself in a safe space at ACOFACOF provides me with parenting classes for me and my children and I have a great time learning new ways to communicate with them and interact in ways that promote a healthier lifestyle. Dealing with everyday tasks can be stressful and scary, but my case managers are always there to help. They always remind me to focus on what is most important, they provide healthy food classes, and are an overall security blanket for me and my children. I utilize ACOF as a resource before making any important decision in my life. Motherhood was the biggest gamble in my life, it is a scary step, but it is glorious one and an act of infinite optimism. The support that I have received from ACOF has empowered me to face my challenges and resolve them. There is no way to be a perfect mother, but with the support of ACOF, I have learned many ways to be a better parent.”