Alvin Williams has been a resident of the ACOF community for nearly 20 years.

In his time with ACOF, Alvin has been able to develop a strong bond with his Case Manager and other residents in his community. Although it has taken him some time, Alvin has come out of his shell in recent years and does not go a day without greeting his Case Manager.
After being diagnosed with diabetes, Alvin decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Not only does Alvin commit to a daily walk, but he has also changed his diet to better his overall health. This Giving Tuesday, Alvin offered to share what the word “community” means to him and his experience with ACOF.

What “Community” means to Alvin

“I have been a part of A Community of Friends (ACOF) since April 2002 and during my years in their program, I have learned the meaning of “community” and what that means to me.

The word community to me means: independence, stability, positive self-care, friendship, social contact, positive support, and appreciation. I have learned independence since I have been housed at ACOF, because no one else is responsible for me, but me. I am responsible for my health, housing and bills. Stability means, I have a home to go to every day and no one determines my housing, but me. Having stable housing has helped my self-care. I now have the luxury to worry about myself rather than where I will spend the night.

In the 17 years that I have been at ACOF, I have met many tenants that have become family. We take care of one another and I have not experienced that in a while. The case manager at ACOF ‘provides’ positive support and is someone I can vent to, and someone that I know will advocate for me. Every day I look forward to seeing my case manager, she helps me raise my spirits when I am feeling down. I do not take my time for granted with A Community of Friends and every day I am grateful for what I have. This is exactly why the word community means all these things to me.”