Margaret (Lisa) joined ACOF in May 2014 and currently resides in Hollywood. Lisa moved away from her home in Hawaii, leaving behind her family and friends who up to that point, served as her support system. After moving from Hawaii, Lisa became homeless as she developed a drug addiction and mental health condition.

Once she became housed within ACOF she was able to begin her journey to recovery. Lisa has worked very hard to overcome her addiction and is currently enrolled in various programs which have helped better her mental health. Lisa is very grateful to have a home within ACOF, is extremely friendly, and maintains a good relationship with ACOF staff.

A major factor in her recovery is the bond she has built with her grandchildren for whom she cares for on a weekly basis. Lisa enjoys taking her grandchildren out to parks, the zoo, and various other outdoor venues. Her grandchildren enjoy spending time with her and have even created a bond with ACOF staff. Lisa notes that her road to recovery has not been easy, but having grandchildren close to her, makes her feel as if she can overcome it all.