Video: In Their Own Words

Tenants share their trials , triumphs and thanks; Donors express their commitment and passion for our mission.

At A Community of Friends, we are caring and compassionate, delivering services that address the mental and physical needs of our tenants. But you don’t have to take our word for it! We asked tenants and key donors to share their opinion in the video above and on our website.

For example, Matthew and Jackie B. are raising three daughters at Amistad Apartments. “They’re growing up with security as opposed to anxiety. We’re able to shield them and they’re even talking about which college they hope to attend,” said Jackie. “I feel like we won the lottery and I am so grateful.”

“Every foster kid has bags they drag from house to house,” said Derek C. “Because of A Community of Friends, I got to unpack my suitcase forever at the Willow Apartments and I will always love them for that.”

“I got my Daddy back,” said Joyce R., “I thought he was gone forever. It changed my life to know he was happy and safe.” After nearly 30 years on the street, Robert J. is in his fourth year at 39West Apartments. He is eternally thankful for affordable housing and the gift of being reunited with his child.

Ardent ACOF supporters Phil and Cindy Feder shared that A Community of Friends is their charity of choice because it is an “organization that provides clean, safe housing, training, and drug and mental health rehabilitation to people who are formerly homeless and trying to make it in society.”

Click here or on the image above to hear their stories as they share their thoughts and feelings about A Community of Friends in their own words.