Deloitte’s 19th Annual Impact Day with ACOF

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Deloitte’s annual day of service – Impact Day, Friday, June 8, 2018 this year – is a longstanding tradition and a celebration of Deloitte s year-round commitment to collectively making an impact that matters in our communities.

ACOF was the organization that they chose for this year’s annual impact day. On Friday June 8, 2018 volunteers from Deloitte’s Los Angeles office came out to Beverly Terrace apartments.

In collaboration with St. Annes staff, over 20 volunteers from Deloitte donated their time and put 37 brand new backpacks together with all of the school supplies needed for children ranging from 5-17 years old.

On Impact Day, our professionals and leaders come together, across the country to tackle community and societal issues. Last year, professionals from Deloitte’s Los Angeles office worked around the greater Los Angeles area to help clean, paint, build and organize. We also dedicated time working with youth on educational opportunities, working with adults on skill development, and creating packages of food. Our professionals care about this community and are willing to work with your organization to create a volunteer event that supports your mission.