Feder, Gallo, Luong

Bisnow Covers CEO Gallo and Board Member Luong on Homelessness in LA

Los Angeles Bisnow, a publication for the commercial real estate community, featured an interview with ACOF CEO Dora Gallo and Board Member Thuong Luong entitled “Why This Developer Says The Real Estate Community Needs to Pay More Attention to Homelessness.” Laurus Corporation VP Luong shared her commitment to ACOF’s mission and her belief that the real estate community has a vested stake in making the L.A.’s streets safe. As the number of homeless residents has continued to rise, Luong spoke of the ACOF model, its diverse properties, and shared several tenant success stories. Click the link above to read the whole story on Bisnow!

Caption for photo above: ACOF Board Member Philip Feder, CEO Dora Gallo, and Board Member Thuong Luong at the Arlington Square Groundbreaking