Anne Marie Knott

ACOF Volunteer with a Serious Addiction to Birthday Cake

“We are so lucky,” says tenant Ruby S., “Anne Marie comes here and celebrates birthdays with us every month! She brings everything herself. Look at her smile!”

annemarieknottSince July of 2015, Anne Marie Knott’s smile has been lighting up the Community Room at the Figueroa Court Apartments for a Volunteer Program she herself created.

“I wanted to volunteer but I wanted to do something more personal,” said Anne Marie, “I heard Dora Gallo speak at an event and I was blown away at the comprehensiveness of the program at A Community of Friends. It was such an elegant solution.”

Anne Marie’s brother inspired her to volunteer. After an unexpected stroke, her brother was unable to work to his prior capacity as an engineer. The life he had built disintegrated and he struggled with homelessness. Anne Marie honors his memory with joyful giving.

If you have an interest in volunteering with A Community of Friends, please go to the volunteer page on our website and sign up.

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