Accelerating the Community Connection to ACOF Housing

acofhousingFinding affordable housing can be a daunting task but, for chronically homeless individuals and families affected by mental illness, it can be virtually impossible. As an organization committed to serving this group, A Community of Friends is acutely aware of the challenge it presents.

Even though the Los Angeles region is migrating to a Coordinated Entry System and Family Solution Center, many people in the community still do not know about this system.

In an effort to provide information and access faster, A Community of Friends is taking advantage of smartphones and the internet. We have developed a “getting housed” section on our website that describes our properties, provides a step-by-step process to getting into each property (or onto the wait list), with links to necessary forms, contact information, and eligibility requirements. Potential tenants and/or their case managers now have an easy and effective tool to get connected. Click below to check it out!

Check it out at: