Location: La Verne, CA 91750
Property Type: New Construction
Details: 36 units and retail building
Service Provider: David & Margaret Youth and Family Services
Total Cost: $21.0 million
Completed: June 2016


New construction of 36 apartments in four (4) residential buildings and a standalone retail building that will be run by David & Margaret. The two-story residential buildings include 20 one-bedroom units, eight (8) two-bedroom units, and eight (8) three-bedroom units. Cedar Springs serves a mixed population including Transition Age Youths (TAY), tenants with a mental health diagnosis, and low-income families.


A separate community building with a kitchen, computer room, media room, and laundry facilities. Outdoor amenities include a dining terrace, barbecue grill, children’s play area, and edible garden. Green features include a graywater system that reuses 900,000 gallons per year, renewable energy through photovoltaic panels, and a rainwater reclaiming system.