Ventura Springs

ACOF-Ventura Springs- New ConstructionProperty Type: New construction for formerly homeless veterans as well as low-income veterans and their families.

Details: 78 one-bedroom, 32 two-bedroom, and 12 three-bedroom units.


Ventura Springs, located on 10-acres of land previously owned by the City of San Buenaventura, will be a new community made up of 122 apartments for formerly homeless veterans as well as low-income veterans and their families. The 11 buildings that make up Ventura Springs are primarily two-story walk-ups with two three-story buildings, and are surrounded by vibrant courtyards with a variety of uses and activities. The site is designed to create a traditional, family oriented neighborhood where sidewalks are activated by pedestrian pathways and residential front doors that face the street. The goal of Ventura Springs is to create a community that will enrich the lives of local veterans and their families that may have a disability, and/or experienced homelessness or economic challenges which have made it difficult to afford quality housing.

Ventura Springs is being co-developed between A Community of Friends and U.S.VETS.

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Ventura Springs includes many on-site amenities for tenants to foster community engagement, support tenants’ health and meet tenants’ needs. There will a large community room with a teaching kitchen, a BBQ/picnic area, on-site laundry facilities, offices for case management and property management staff, a DIY/ Workshop space, outdoor play areas, gardening beds, bicycle parking, and a computer room.