Property Type: New Construction

Details: 49 family units and retail


Lorena Plaza is a mixed-use development that will provide 7,500 sq.ft. of ground fl oor retail space, along with 49 units of aff ordable housing with a unit mix of 3 studio units, 18 one-bedroom units, 20 two-bedroom units, and 8 three-bedroom units. 32 units are reserved for households that have experienced homelessness and the remaining 16 units will be reserved fro low-income families. One unit will be reserved for the on-site property manager. Fifty percent of the apartments will have a veterans preference.


Lorena Plaza will include many amenities for tenants to foster community engagement, support tenants’ health and meet tenants’ needs. There will be a community room with television, lounge room, community kitchen, laundry facilities, computer room, gym, and outdoor courtyard. The building will be highly environmentally sustainable and will target a United States Green Building Council (USBGC) LEED® Gold designation.