“A True Community Should Be Inclusive, Not Exclusive.”

John Freeman

“Within a community, there are friends, acquaintances and yes, adversaries. A true community should be inclusive, not exclusive.

What is it that brings about cohesion within a diverse community? I would answer; respect, tolerance, understanding and forgiveness. This is a practice that comes easier to some more than others. There are older siblings and younger siblings; no matter the age. Which one am I in any given situation? We all have a chance to lead and follow.

Respect is a basic expression of love. We all love and want to be loved. Respect allows us to love those that we may not care for very much. It also helps build a foundation that is relational for those that we may be fond of. Friendship is a practice as well.

Being an integral part of my community enables me to practice principles that not only better myself, but the very community that I am a part of.”