“I am so grateful for everyone at ACOF, it is because of them that I am now able to have a brand new beginning.”


Dwan joined the ACOF community in 2020 after experiencing homelessness for five years.

After experiencing domestic abuse, Dwan found the courage to escape her situation. Unfortunately, after escaping her situation, she found herself homeless stating, “I was in a position where I could not go home and could not take much of my belongings, so I had to go into the streets. I was in a tent, under a freeway, living in the streets. I had to endure the vulnerability of being out in the open like that, it was tough.”

Dwan was connected to ACOF and was offered a permanent supportive home. “I am here, I am so grateful and thankful that I have a second chance. This is a little bit of hidden paradise, this is our community here and home starts here. Everybody is so warm, the feeling is so amazing, it is so good for you. They have everything here, a gym, a community room, a computer room, ACOF takes really good care of you. I go in every day and I feel wonderful. When I got my place and moved in and went inside, everything was state of the art. I am so blessed, I go into my home every day and I just feel wonderful.

Dwan continues to build a sense of community while making ACOF her lifelong home. Dwan states, ” I am just delighted, my spirit and joy are coming back, the neighbors and everyone is one big community, it is amazing. I did not know where I would be, I went from a tent to paradise. If I can do it, you can to.”