“I am here for them and I will support them no matter what.”


Carina joined the ACOF Team as a temporary staff member in August 2018 and joined ACOF full-time in June of 2019 as a Case Manager.

A California native, Carina lived in Texas for a time in her life and worked in a mental health facility. After experiencing the passing of a loved one, Carina decided to move back to California with a mission to work within an organization that helps people living with mental illness.

Through her search, she found ACOF and immediately fell in love with ACOF’s mission to end homelessness through the provision of quality permanent supportive housing to people who have experienced homelessness and are living with a mental disability. Carina was ecstatic to “continue working in the mental health field, it gives me satisfaction.”

Carina has fully embraced her role as a Case Manager and helping create a sense of community within ACOF. Carina states, “it has been great, when [tenants] are down, I have the opportunity and ability to lift them up. I can change their mindset and help them by explaining things to them and be able to relax them. Building a good rapport with them is extremely important so that they can begin to trust you. They are like my family since I am with them most of the day. Whenever there are emergencies or whenever tenants need any assistance, tenants always reach out to me. They have told me that they know that I am here for them and that I will support them no matter what.”

Carina, who is now pregnant, continues to be inspired and enjoys having a supportive group of teammates and great tenants. “Me and my colleagues are there for one another. If my colleagues do not see me, they become concerned, they worry about my wellbeing, not just about themselves. [I am inspired by] having a great team and having great tenants.”