“We are family, we encourage each other to keep moving forward every day and make the world a better place along the way.”


Angela joined the ACOF Team in March of 2019 as a Services Coordinator.

Angela worked for several years in the substance abuse treatment field and realized that without safe and stable housing, the chances of someone with a substance abuse problem remaining sober, is nearly impossible. Angela states, “housing is the building block on which all other change is possible. I am passionate about ACOF’s mission to end homelessness because I believe everyone deserves and needs safe and stable housing.”

Angela previously worked at an assessment center and recalls meeting with people who had substance abuse problems and having to deny housing due to company policies that denied housing if the person was not willing to enter treatment. Angela states, “traditionally, one had to receive services before they were offered assistance with housing, and in my mind, that is backward. What ACOF does, by offering housing first, is to offer a safe and stable home for people to begin their healing.”

Angela was both excited and nervous to begin a new chapter of her life when she decided to join ACOF, “I was so excited, but also nervous, as it was a different and new work environment than what I was used to.” Her worries about starting a new chapter in her life were put to rest as she found herself surrounded by a caring community of people. “My coworkers are amazing, we are a diverse group and we all bring unique experiences, perspectives, and skillsets to the table. We support and encourage each other and collaborate to support our tenants. I can call any of them at any time with any questions and they will do their best to help. I feel very lucky to be a part of such an awesome team. Most importantly, my experience with my tenants has been such a gift. I get the opportunity to work where they live, allowing me to become a part of their lives and help create a sense of community. I have been able to build real, meaningful relationships with our tenants, I am invested in their lives and I get to demonstrate that to them every day.”

Angela continues to be inspired daily in her career, she is dedicated to the wellbeing of ACOF’s tenants stating, “recovery is not a linear process, and everyone’s journey is different, but I have seen tenant’s come into housing and become alive, in every sense of the word. The relationships that I hold with our tenants are what continue to motivate me. We are family, we encourage each other to keep moving forward every day and make the world a better place along the way.”