Avalon Neighborworks Event

AvalonNeighborworksAvalon Apartments participated in NeighborWorks week by having a neighborhood cleanup. The event was held on June 10th and it was a complete success. Thirteen kids and twelve adults showed up to clean a three block radius of Avalon Blvd.
All of the participants were enthusiastic about the clean-up, especially the children. Several cars honked as they passed by our ‘cleaning crew’ in recognition of the help we were providing to the neighborhood.

AvalonBabyNeighborThe children were extremely helpful picking up trash and several adults recommended that we have a clean-up more often. A few of the adult participants made it a point to help the children understand that littering makes our neighborhoods look dirty and that we should practice taking pride in our surroundings. This was an awesome teaching moment for the children as they recognized the amount of trash that had been discarded so close to their homes. There was a sense of accomplishment as we returned from the clean-up with six large bags of garbage that we had cleaned off the street. It was amazing that everyone actually had fun cleaning up garbage! We ended our event with a pizza party after a hard days work.”

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