We are excited to launch the ACOF Tenant Portal to you! Come and engage, learn and grow with your neighbors through an all-new online experience!

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A Community of Friends has created the Tenant Portal to serve the residents of our buildings. You will find a great deal of useful information about Vibrant Living, NeighborWorks, and Conservation and Sustainability. Information about healthy living, community participation, and green living is at your fingertips.

For the latest news, the Community Menu will take you to the most current posts that may be of interest. You will find Community News, Learning Lounge, and Special Events. You’ll also see current information on Healthy Eating, Energizing Exercise, and Creative Expression. The Support Services Staff will be updating this area regularly with exciting, new information.

Each building will have its own Events Calendar to keep you informed about activities and events in your building. When it is complete, you will find the link under the Community Menu.

To foster communication and support, each building also will have its own Forum. As a resident of a specific building, you will be able to read commentary and posts from your immediate neighbors and share your own thoughts.

Let us know if there is something specific you’d like to see on the Portal!

What’s New?

What’s going on in your community?  Latest news, videos, events and going-on’s right at your fingertips!

Upcoming Events

Learn about what’s coming up with events and gatherings in your community.  Have a little free time?  Volunteer to help serve your community!

Learning Lounge

Come and relax in our Learning Lounge where you can learn about healthy recipes, invigorating exercises and other skills to equip you for success!

Community News & Resources

What’s the latest news and available resources in your community?  Get information directly from your property management and community volunteers.

Community Forum

Got Questions? Have something to share? Come to our online forum and collaborate and communicate with your ACOF Tenant Community!

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