Gower Street Clean Up

With the support of RSC’s Elizabeth Lagunas and Joseph Gonzales, tenants from the Gower Street Apartments took the time to clean up the neighborhood surrounding their apartment complex. The tenants made sure that the sidewalks, curbs and flower beds were free of debris. GowerCleanupCommunityOne tenant shared that he took great pride in his neighborhood and he sees it as a great place to live; he was motivated to make the block look more presentable so that outsiders will see the neighborhood the same way he does.

The tenants also received positive responses from surrounding neighbors who lived in different complexes on the same block. A neighbor on a nearby street asked our group to let her know when the next Community Cleanup would occur so that she could join us.
One tenant even asked if this could be a reoccurring group! The tenants were pleased to find a positive way to contribute to the well being of their community.

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